Frequently asked questions about Incomplete

Why have you written it as two men?

The first reason is because gay, disabled teenagers exist, even if we don’t see many of them in the media. Also, the very fact that people ask why I’m writing it about gay teenagers says a lot to me – why not?

Finally, though, the main reason is because when I tried writing it as a heterosexual relationship, I couldn’t write. I worried that people would read the female character as literally me, not just based on me. A male/male couple was used to make sure anyone reading it knows it’s loosely based on Ian and I, but not actually about us.

If I was to write exactly what had happened between Ian and I, it would be boring, and I’d be upset that everyone would know all our business.

Have you thought about (insert name of website)?

Usually I have! I’ve also often tried it. I appreciate the help, but I get overwhelmed by suggestions and I’d prefer not to receive them.

Do you think it would be better if the shirt prints had more of a style?

Pip wears loud shirts a lot. I started making merchandise with these prints on them, and I’m often asked why they don’t have more of a style.

One reason is that I don’t really have a style – I like doing different things, and on different days, I am able to do different thing well.

The cannon reason is that Pip shops at different places, so the shirts all look different.

Why did you make it for an older teen audience and not general?

Partly because I’m writing the kind of comic I like to read, and partly because disabled people have sex, and that should be represented. It’s not full on ‘hentai’, but you will find sexual situations and the occasional naked man (another reason for not drawing a woman, because people will automatically assume that is how I see myself.)

Why is it available for free as well as being sold?

Originally I published the comic on Tapas, and my plan was to get enough subscribers to make a little bit of money that way. Unfortunately, the mature nature of the comic means Tapas makes it invisible on apps, which is where most people read Tapas.

I still upload there for free, months after I draw the pages (Patreon users get pages as soon as they’re drawn for $1 a month). Before I print the books, I edit them a lot, redraw a lot of images, and always add extra materials.

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