My name is Chloe, I’ve been writing and drawing since I was a teenager and wanted to be like my two brothers.

I started writing and drawing again a couple of years ago, and the pieces fell into place for the piece of work I’ve always wanted to create; a graphic representation of my love story.

My husband is quadriplegic, and I’m always frustrated at the lack of content, of any kind, about disabled people in healthy, happy relationships. Incomplete wants to readdress this imbalance.

The story…

Philip is an outwardly cheerful, inwardly insecure, teenager. He plays rugby, studies hard, and volunteers at the local hospital, all of which he does for the sake of applying to university.

While volunteering, he finds out someone he played a match against in the past is in the spinal unit after an accident. He goes to visit, and their friendship begins, before developing into one of mutual respect and admiration.

What People Say

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