Philip “Pip” Oliver

Who? One of the main characters. Pip is 17, in his final year of doing his A levels, and a volunteer at the local hospital. He is captain of the rugby team at school, and lives with his mum.

Likes: singing, mints, fizzy drinks, fruit, loud shirts.

Dislikes: quiet, pranks.

Orientation: pansexual

Celeb crush: Lourdes

Matthew “Matt” Archer

Who? The other main character. Matt is also 17, and also doing A levels. Unfortunately, he suffered a spinal injury whilst playing rugby. He lives with his mum and dad in a village not too far from Stoke Mandeville.

Likes: Siamese cats, Mexican food, tea, reading, films.

Dislikes: being inside too long, liars.

Orientation: gay

Celeb crush: Ezra Miller

Callum Ratcliffe

Who? One of Pip’s closest friends, also plays on the rugby team with him. Met Emery at a music club.

Likes: metal music, playing guitar, watching sports, bread, beer.

Dislikes: wine, foreign films.

Orientation: pansexual

Celeb crush: Timothee Chalamont

Emery Atkins

Who? One of Matt’s oldest friends, and also Callum’s boyfriend. He does not play rugby any more, preferring to focus on his studies and music.

Likes: foreign films, sushi, red wine, classical music, writing poetry.

Dislikes: beer, liars.

Orientation: homoromantic asexual

Celeb crush: Chris Evans

Tammy Oliver

Who? Pip’s mum. She works as a secretary at the junior school Pip used to attend.

Likes: reading, white wine, pretzels, going to her book club, gardening.

Dislikes: nosy people, spiders.

Orientation: straight

Celeb crush: George Clooney

Tina and John Archer

Who? Matt’s parents. We haven’t seen much of them yet. John works as a teacher at Matt’s school, Tina is a personal assistant to a lawyer.

Likes: theatre, reading, eating at restaurants.

Dislikes: two-faced people, piercings.

Orientation: both straight

Celeb crush: Tina – William Hurt / John – Jamie Lee Curtis

Mark Williams

Who? A patient in the spinal injury unit with Matt. He broke his spine in a motorbike accident. His job before his accident was a plumber, he hopes to retrain in interior design.

Likes: extreme sports, cider, action movies, barbecues, comedy shows.

Dislikes: vegetables, reading.

Orientation: straight

Celeb crush: Tina Fey

Elaine Smith

Who? Mark’s girlfriend. They’ve been dating for about five years. He met her when decorating her parent’s bathroom.

Likes: comedy films, apple juice, Nando’s, making things for the house, cooking

Dislikes: fake people, fish.

Orientation: straight

Celeb crush: Jason Momoa

Rita Snare

Who? The liaison nurse on the spinal injury ward.

Likes: mystery books, gin, vegan food, dogs, travelling.

Dislikes: TERFs, crowds.

Orientation: lesbian

Celeb crush: Sandra Oh

Rick Walters

Who? The captain of Matt’s rugby team. Also knows Pip as the captains of the local rugby teams have a group chat.

Likes: playing sports, watching sports, babysitting his nephews, Mario Cart, burgers.

Dislikes: alcohol, horror films.

Orientation: straight

Celeb crush: Jodie Comer

Suni Sidhar

Who? Rick’s girlfriend. She’s a year younger, and has just started her A levels.

Likes: cooking, astrology, calligraphy, white chocolate, dried fruit.

Dislikes: cats, alcohol.

Orientation: straight

Celeb crush: Tom Holland

Kris and Robbie

Who? Pip’s best friends. They don’t play rugby, he met them in another school group, the community based one through which he got his volunteering space.

Likes: video games, curries, craft beers, hiking, obscure films.

Dislikes: shopping, nightclubs.

Orientation: Kris – gay/Robbie – bisexual

Celeb crush: Kris – Chris Hemsworth/Robbie – Noel Fielding

Nick Hinton

Who? Another player on Matt’s rugby team. He’s in the year below, and introduced Suni to Rick.

Likes: table tennis, comics, anime, squashees, sparkling fruit drinks.

Dislikes: hot drinks, horses.

Orientation: bisexual

Celeb crush: Jameela Jamil

If you’d like more detailed character profile please check our wiki at Incomplete Wiki.

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